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Today (17 September 2020) is World Patient Safety Day.

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Guidelines on Advanced Practice Nursing - International Council of Nurses

Purpose of the ICN Guidelines


The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate a common understanding of advanced practice nursing and the advanced practice nurse (APN) for the public, governments, health professionals, policy makers, educators, and the nursing profession. It is envisioned that the work will support these stakeholders to develop policies, frameworks and strategies supportive of an advanced practice nursing initiative.  Those countries that have implemented the APN role can review their current state of advanced practice nursing against these recommended guidelines. This will support consistency and clarity of advanced practice nursing internationally and enable further development of APN roles to meet the health needs of individuals and communities. This work is also important to the progression of research in this field of nursing both within and across countries. 


It is recognised that the identification and context of advanced practice nursing varies in different parts of the world. It is also acknowledged that the profession is dynamic with changes to education, regulation and nursing practice as it seeks to respond to health needs and changes to provision of healthcare services. However, these guidelines provide common principles and practical examples of international best practice. 

Guidelines on Advanced Practice Nursing


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