Second South African Nurses Conference 2013

A resounding success of The Second South African Nurses’ Conference, 2013

It is our right to care

The three-day 2nd South African Nurses Conference, which ended on Friday at ICC Durban, was a resounding success as more than 1000 nurses from all corners graced the event with their presence and deliberated on pertinent issues concerning practice environment; leadership; policy, research and innovation; education and training; professional development. Speakers and presenters delivered the most insightful and necessary messages under the five themes on the day (Some presentations are now available under ‘Presentations’) in the breakaway sessions, namely: Practice Environment, Leadership, Education and Training, Policy, research and innovation, and Professional development. 

DENOSA Professional Institute (DPI) still receives positive messages and constructive feedback from some of the attendees of the conference. The agreement from all those who attended the conference is that this information-sharing platform is necessary for the growth and development of the profession. The collegial atmosphere at the venue of the conference was outstanding as issues were being looked at from all angles of the profession. What was more rewarding for the conference was the united force that nurses showed at the conference, which gave a fruitful meaning to the slogan: Nurses united will never be defeated. 

If anyone were to take critical learning from the conference, it would be that the constant collaboration of all stakeholders in nursing will only take this noble profession higher and higher. It was all agreed that nursing is the brain cell of the healthcare system, and no longer the ‘backbone’ or ‘the heartbeat’.