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DENOSA calls on all student nurses countrywide to boycott the rewriting of SANC examinations on Wednesday and Friday respectively 

Media Statement


Monday, 26 June 2017


Following Friday's picket by student nurses and nurses making their last appeal at the South African Nursing Council (SANC) offices pleading with the Council to rescind its decision to cancel the May exams for bridging course, which was arrogantly snubbed by the Council, the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) hereby urges all students doing bridging course countrywide not to sit for the rewriting of these examinations on Wednesday 28 June and Friday 30 June respectively, because they had already written these exams in May.


This is until such time that SANC comes to the table and address the pertinent and pressing issues that nursing stakeholders and students are yearning for answers on about the SANC’s dubious decision to cancel the May exams in the first place.


DENOSA calls on all student nurses not to dignify and legitimise these exams in their schools and colleges, as a passive resistance against irrational and apartheid-era style decision by the SANC. DENOSA also calls on all students to immediately inform DENOSA leadership if there is any intimidation in coercing them to sit for the exams in any school.   


DENOSA has taken the matter to Gauteng North High Court which is set for Tuesday morning, but it will be attending court this morning on a similar matter brought by a stakeholder that we had cited in our court papers for tomorrow. 


Boycotting the exams is a continuing protest action, following four unsuccessful attempts by DENOSA to get SANC to the negotiating tables about the matter with the hope of reviewing its earlier decision, which appears completely irrational and top-down in punishing all students for the leaked exam papers.


Below are DENOSA’s failed attempts at trying to have an audience with the Council:  


Attempt 1: On Monday 19 June, DENOSA leadership phoned the SANC Acting Registrar and request for an urgent meeting with the Council over the matter. The Acting Registrar’s response was that the Council won’t be able to meet DENOSA leadership as they are busy the whole week. 


Attempt 2: On Tuesday 20 June, DENOSA wrote a letter to the Acting Registrar, demanding that the Council retract Circular 2 of 2017, which sets the new date for exams and cancels the May Exams because it has come to the attention of SANC that some students had access to the question papers prior to sitting for the exams. The letter warned SANC that failure to retract Circular by 10h00 on Wednesday, DENOSA will talk to its lawyers with the view of pursuing the matter legally. SANC did not respond to this correspondence, let alone to reason. 


Attempt 3: On Wednesday 21: After not receiving the response from SANC, DENOSA talked to its lawyers about the matter, and a letter from our lawyers was written to SANC demanding to see the resolution by the Council to cancel the May examinations and also demanded SANC to furnish them with the basis for taking the decision to cancel the exams. SANC did not respond to this letter from our lawyers, which had given them until Thursday to respond. 


Attempt 4: On Friday 23 June, DENOSA led student nurses and staged a sit-in at the SANC offices from the morning and demanded to have an audience with the Acting Registrar. Other nursing stakeholders joined the sit-in as they suffer the same ignorance from the Council. 

The Acting Registrar, who was in the premises on the day, refused to come out and address student nurses. SANC securities dispersed student nurses by force. They physically attacked student nurses. DENOSA Communications staff member was beaten by security and broke his two fingers in his arm. The leader of a nursing organisation was arrested and reportedly physically beaten up.


After these numerous attempts by DENOSA, without any success, it became clear that there cannot be any other form of attempt that will make the Council to sit down and listen to its stakeholders. It was for this reason that DENOSA makes a call to students to boycott these exams, as a form of resistance from abiding by the rule of the jungle and irrational decision imposed by the Council on something that even its own investigation on is still underway and has not been concluded yet.  


Our structures will be on the ground and will be ready to attend to any intimidation wherever it occurs. Our conscience just cannot allow DENOSA to let this old-style and opaque decision-making by the Council to come to being on the ground when there are still many unanswered questions, which they are flatly refusing to answer. 




Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA).


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DENOSA General Secretary, Oscar Phaka

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DENOSA Communications Manager, Sibongiseni Delihlazo. 

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