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DENOSA Limpopo hopes Lebowakgomo Hospital management will take responsibility for Monday’s shutdown by nurses because of unfair appointment of acting nurse manager


Media statement


Friday 01 September 2017 


The Democratic Nursing of South Africa (DENOSA) in Limpopo says management at Lebowakgomo Hospital must accept responsibility for Monday’s planned shutdown of that hospital due to anger of nurses caused by parachuting of an ordinary qualified general nurse with midwifery to act as a Nursing Manager for the second time when there are better qualified assistant managers at the hospital.


Nurses at the hospital have vowed to shut down operations if the political decision of the management is not rescinded immediately. Today, Acting District Executive Manager, Mrs Dlamini, came to convey the decision to organized labour that the same junior nurse who had acted from June to end of November last year was again being given another opportunity. Organised labour and nursing population is against this political decision.


But Mrs Dlamini has just proceeded to hand over the appointment letter to the said individual despite visible unhappiness, citing that she is under pressure from the powers above to ensure the letter is delivered despite overwhelming disapproval by nurses. 


As a result, nurses at the facility will shut down the institution in anger for being undermined.


Nurses are demanding that politics be put aside and quality nursing be respected, and that adequately qualified nurses with at least additional nursing education, administration and management qualifications as part of their experience be given an opportunity to assist as the institution is blessed with those nurses currently. But they are being overlooked for mere political beneficiation other than efficient rendering of quality nursing care to patients.


DENOSA and nurses are demanding this fairness because the institution is an academic institution and, for the sake of its reputation, it must be led by health professionals with the necessary consummate skills and experience. 


We warn that nursing care will be severely affected at the hospital and thousands of people will be affected if this decision is not reversed as nurses are revolting against it, fairly so.  The feeling of nurses is that politics and political connections are being considered and rewarded with positions ahead of the interest of quality nursing care at the institution.


DENOSA says nursing service has suffered enough negative reputation and it is time nursing management function is allocated to relevant individuals with the required expertise. There are operational managers and assistant managers at the facility who would almost automatically qualify to lead the nursing function of the hospital smoothly.


“Why is a junior nurse being reappointed when there are many adequately qualified nurses with nurse education and management qualifications who are able to run the nursing management function smoothly at the hospital?” asked DENOSA Limpopo Provincial Organiser, Jacob Molepo.


DENOSA calls on the management at the institution to start doing things fairly, and for the provincial department to intervene if the institution refuses to acknowledge the crisis it is bringing to the institution because of this poor, unfair and partisan decision.


“We are raising the red flag because this affects nursing, and we need to advocate for quality patient care at that institution, and for proper support of all nursing personnel at the facility so that nursing is not in the bad news unnecessarily.”




Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) in Limpopo


For more information, contact:


Jacob Molepo, DENOSA Limpopo Provincial Organiser


Mobile: 072 587 0684




Facebook: DENOSA Limpopo