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DENOSA to hold its 8th National Congress in Durban between 13 and 15 March 2019 

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DENOSA to hold its 8th  National Congress in Durban between 13 and 15 March 2019 

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DENOSA’s take on the wage bill adjustments by government  

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DENOSA Gauteng student Movement in solidarity with protesting students over non-delivery of books  

Media statement

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) wishes to declare solidarity with the 'Bursary Students' 1st and 2nd year in all three public nursing colleges and universities on the issues that they are raising regarding the disastrous bursary system and lack of study material to the Gauteng Department of Health in a form of a protest within the college premises. 

It is disappointing that the department that is supposed to give a basic human service and protect the basic human rights of the community in Gauteng is prepared to fail to provide nursing students with material required to provide quality education and make the environment conducive for learning at both clinical and theoretical placements all in the name of budget.  

DENOSA commends the SRC of all nursing colleges for leading the students in the right direction into resolving these issues and the students themselves for deciding that it is time they became united and vocal with all the challenges that they are experiencing. 

It is for these reasons that as student movement we sought to find a solution for the situation through seeking the attention of the MEC and the SRC, as there was not much that could've been done through the other offices in the Gauteng Department of Health other than of the MEC. SRC had already lost hope after they were deceived by the other key officials within the GDoH on many occasions. 

The meeting with the MEC took place yesterday at the Department office at 17:00. In this very meeting it was noted that there has been some misleading and deceiving that took place in the department and that the MEC was not aware of the challenges raised in the meeting. Therefore it was concluded that the MEC will arrange for the required material and will give progress report with definite solution (due to weighing preference of hardcopy and the notepad and availability from different service providers) by Thursday the 12 April 2018. 

Quoting the word of MEC Gwen Ramokgopa: "It can't be correct in 2018 that students don't have study material whereas it was budgeted for", meaning she is willing to correct the injustice. We have to ensure that we give the executive authority time to dispose of the matter as she has requested only one working day to work on this matter decisively and close it off. 

Therefore GPSM supports the intensification of the protest by our fellow students, by mobilising other forces and rallying for more support up until the final report by MEC where, if no solution is found, a decision will be taken by SRC of colleges and students to strike and march to the offices of the Gauteng Department of Health. 


Issued by DENOSA Gauteng Student Movement

For more information, contact: 

Markos Ndlovu, chairperson of DENOSA Gauteng Student Movement 

Mobile: 071 683 8460