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DENOSA Student Movement statement on the increasing number of student nurses who are contracting COVID-19 during their practicals in clinical facilities

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DENOSA Gauteng to hold media briefing in Bramley on Sunday 11 October on the outcomes of its PEC special meeting in response to latest developments in Gauteng Health Department. 

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Invitation to media briefing on announcement by public sector unions under COSATU and FEDUSA at PSCBC offices on Friday 2 October on broken collective bargaining agreements 

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DENOSA Student Movement Limpopo statement on the reopening of the Limpopo College of Nursing. 

Friday, 03 July 2020
DENOSA Student Movement in Limpopo welcomes the reopening of the Limpopo College of Nursing to operate under strict COVID-19 regulations. It is in this era that the country and the province are in need of health professionals.
Reopening of the college will assist in the production of more nurses who are needed the most in fighting this pandemic. 
We urge all students to adhere to lockdown regulations which includes social distancing, washing of hands regularly with clean water and soap or sanitizer and wearing of facemasks. They must refrain from situations which can expose them to the virus.
We call upon the Department of Health to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to students and adhere to the lockdown regulations when they provide training.
 Students should never be allowed to attend to COVID-19 cases without supervision. 
We welcome extension of programme as remedy to save this academic year to ensure that students get sufficient and quality training that will enable them to provide nursing care. 
We call on the Department of Health to continue funding students even beyond the contractual agreement, because the programme extension is as a results of a natural disaster.
We condemn in the strongest term possible the inequality and the persistent abuse of students by the Department of health perpetuated by bursary system as a funding model. 
Throughout this pandemic, only students on PERSAL system received their stipend while students on bursary system were neglected and left to starve during lockdown. We also note that students received paucity allowances, and the worse part is that amounts are not consistent amongst the campuses. 
We demand that all the students on bursary system be paid what is due to them and be backdated from March 2020.
Book allowance must be paid to these students to enable them to fulfil their academic commitments.
Issued by Denosa students Movement Limpopo
For more information, contact:
Rebotile Maphothoma, Provincial Chairperson
Cell: 082 955 8010