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Today (17 September 2020) is World Patient Safety Day.

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Students from Nicole Nurses Training School visit DENOSA

More than 52 student nurses from Nicole Nurses Training School in Pretoria visited DENOSA head office in Pretoria on Wednesday 23 July as part of their orientation.

They were received by DENOSA General Secretary, Thembeka Gwagwa, and Deputy General Secretary, Madithapo Masemola. Gwagwa urged them to be assertive as professionals so they could take the take forward the provision of quality healthcare. "Don't say I'm just a nurse. You are a nurse...! What you and doctors and other professionals have in common is a patient," she said. She said they must prepare themselves thoroughly, as they will become leaders tomorrow.

Masemola urged students to prepare and read well so they could master the art of nursing. Nursing is not an easy profession, because you deal with lives. But it's a satisfying profession."
She urged students to humble themselves when they are in the professsion.

DENOSA Provincial Organiser, Thomas Chauke, took them through the need to belong to DENOSA. He urged them to observe the most basics of themselves. "Look at your mouth, legs, ears, eyes and your hands. Let's change the image of nursing."