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Today (17 September 2020) is World Patient Safety Day.

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DENOSA Western Cape Provincial Congress on final day in Sea Point

The DENOSA Western Cape’s Provincial Congress began at Ritz Hotel in Sea Point, Cape Town on Thursday 24 July 2014 where guest speakers emphasised the need for unity among nurses so that interests of the nursing profession can be taken forward.

DENOSA General Secretary, Thembeka Gwagwa, urged nurses to get rid of what she called different bubbles and to keep their head high in confidence when it comes to matters of the profession’s interest. She urged nurses at the Congress jerk up, stand up and be counted. 

“We will not be able to fulfil our responsibility if we are not united,” she said.   

She urged the Congress to prioritise the need to forge healthy relationship with the provincial Department of Health, because the working together of stakeholders is not an option.

She urged nurses to engage critically on matter under discussions at the Congress with a view of uniting nursing.

Later on the first day, the congress went into four breakaway commissions where delegates debated and resolved on four main themes namely: Political, Socio-economic, Constitutional and Organisational.

Resolutions were tabled at the congress on the last day, where elections and results are expected to be announced.