Public comments are sought on the Draft Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill

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DENOSA commemorate JUNE 16

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DENOSA President address the start of three-day NEC meeting in Pretoria. 

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DENOSA KZN hosts Peadiatric Nursing Symposium. 


DENOSA KwaZulu-Natal is hosting a Peadiatric Nursing Symposium at Waterfront Hotel in Durban, which is a peer review and capacitation platform for nurses to improve their care output.
Peadiatric nurses (nurses caring for kids in health facilities) and midwives from around the province are in attendance. 
But the bad weather condition of two days ago here has kept peadiatric nurses in facilities that were most hard-hit very busy, as many units had to close down and relocate operations to other facilities. Some nurses are still busy with that process. 
Peadiatric nurses are at the forefront of achieving the country's NDP goal of reducing maternal and child mortality
The programme commences shortly after all nurses from different districts arrived.