DENOSA Western Cape Provincial Congress. 

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DENOSA Limpopo concludes its 8th Provincial Congress 

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DENOSA nurses in Northern Cape demand payment from HR in JTG District 

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DENOSA urges communities to avoid affected processed meat products 



In line with the Department of Health’s warning to communities to steer clear processed meat products following the diagnosis of listeriosis bacteria at two stores in Limpopo and Germiston, DENOSA would like to plead with parents and communities at large to communicate the message with all their family members and remove all these Enterprise items from their fridges and return them to Enterprise stores for full refund. 


DENOSA pleads with community members not to throw the food in the municipal dustbins as these may end up in the wrong hands at various waste sites across the country. 


Those who have the symptoms of listeriosis must approach their nearest health facilities immediately. 


What are listeriosis symptoms and signs?


·         Fever, muscle aches, and occasionally, gastroenteritis (nausea and/or diarrhea) are the usual symptoms associated with listeriosis.

·         Some individuals may also experience fatigue and a decrease or loss of appetite.


Furthermore, DENOSA urges all community organisations and leaders to ensure that no company dumps this affected processed meat in the dump sites next to their communities as that will expose vulnerable people unnecessarily.