COSATU concludes its 13th Congress, elects new leadership

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DENOSA tables special resolution on Young Workers at COSATU 13th National Congress 

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DENOSA attends the COSATU congress 

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vDENOSA feedback on the negotiation towards Rural Allowance for all nurses working in rural settings


DENOSA members.


This is to update you that the negotiations on Rural Allowance are underway at the Public Health Social Development Sectoral Bargaining Chamber (PHSDSBC). 


This is part of the review process of Rural Allowance as an outstanding matter at the PHSDSBC.


Currently, negotiators at the Chamber are visiting provinces to do some inspections and site visits, looking specifically at the following areas:


- The shortage of staff; 

- To assess whether that shortage is not linked to those areas being rural; 

- To check if there are no institutions that need to be classified as rural. 


As labour, we are putting the following amendment proposals to the Rural Allowance regime:


-          Equality in the payment of Rural Allowance: All health professionals to get the same percentage of Rural Allowance. In this case, we are proposing that nurses get 20% Rural Allowance, and no longer 8%;

-          Enrolled nurses and Nursing Assistants to be included in receiving Rural Allowance.