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Nurses observe International Nurses Day in Limpopo.

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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Closing date 31 May 2019

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Eastern Cape 8th Provincial Congress Declaration




We, the 102 delegates representing 11 838 nurses, coming from the various health care institutions throughout the province gathered at DENOSA’s 8th Provincial Congress, speaking with one unified voice, call on our members and all working people to support this Call of Action. The nurses of Eastern Cape have spoken, and DENOSA, their organization, has listened. We are meeting when the workers are under siege of high transport costs, high municipal rates, high electricity tariffs, skyrocketing food prices, high education fees, unwarranted VAT increase and the generally increased cost of living. 

The delegates of the congress have confirmed DENOSA’s affiliation to COSATU. The delegates further confirmed the support of the ruling party, ANC in the upcoming General Elections in 2019. DENOSA’s 8th Provincial Congress – The Workers’ Parliament – has declared: We are not prepared to tolerate the dysfunctional health services due to chronic shortage of staff and unconducive working environment! We are demanding the decent remuneration of nurses as they are BACKBONE of healthcare system! The nurses are not being fairly paid for the valuable service they are providing!

We, the nurses gathered today to pledge on a united programme of action to realize the members’ legitimate demands and to engage the relevant stakeholders. 


The congress resolved and affirmed (from 2014 congress) on six areas: the organizational; political; gender; socio-economic; nursing and international matters.

The congress resolved as follows:


·      DENOSA must establish political school. DENOSA leadership must use and leverage on alliance political schools. 

·      DENOSA members should swell the ranks of the alliance. For ideological clarity and identity, the leaders must subscribe to SACP. 

·      Comprehensive training of leaders in areas of leadership development. 

·      There must be One Political School Session Per Region Once a Year.

·      The organization must implement the 2014 congress resolution that the subscription must increase from R70 to R84 per month in order for the organization to sustain itself. The subscriptions for students must remain at R36 per month. 

·      Develop a policy that will improve the benefits of members and member service. 

·      Intensify recruitment in the private sector.  

·      DENOSA must strive towards the establishment of recognition agreement in private sector facilities. 

·      On the first month post elections there should hand over from the outgoing structure to the incoming structure. Within three months basic leadership training should be given. 

·      The provinces must get proportional release of Full Time Shop Stewards according to their respective membership.

·      National Executive Committee (NEC) must introduce Vote Weights – according to membership of provinces in taking decisions in the NEC meetings.  

·      DENOSA must share its organogram with structures to promote transparency in the organization. 

·      DENOSA must share its Recruitment & Retention Policy with structures to promote transparency. 


·      DENOSA must support the ANC in the upcoming national general elections. 

·      SACP must play the role of being a vanguard of the working class. 

·      The reconfiguration of the alliance must take place as outlined by the SACP.

·      If there is no change beyond 2019 general elections, the SACP must contest the next elections on its own.  

·      The alliance must be a political centre, not the ANC. 

·      DENOSA must ensure cadre deployment to the ranks of COSATU, ANC and key positions in government. 

·      Education on political ideology must be intensified.

·      DENOSA must support all COSATU campaigns in addressing the issues of workers.

·      COSATU must revive the 2015 Plan of reaching 2 million membership.

·      COSATU must re-instate NUMSA to the federation in order to realise the 2015 Vision

·      The Workers’ Day on 1 May must not be hijacked by the political parties.

·      DENOSA must identify and celebrate the Black Nurses who made significant impact in the evolution of the profession. 



·      Review OSD with immediate effect.

·      The accruals of all the allowances must be paid with immediate effect.

·      The lower categories must be paid the rural allowance. 

·      Rural Allowance must be standardized in all health personnel i.e. 20% across the board.

·      All nurses must receive the danger allowance.

·      Nurses working at TB facilities must be compensated through COIDA.

·      The Grade Progression must be paid to all nurses who are due. 

·      PMDS Model must be reviewed so that all nurses can benefit. The nurses are working as a team; everybody must receive the performance appraisal. 

·      Uniform – re-establish the uniform task team.

·      Shortage of staff must be addressed with immediate effect.

·      Nurses must work in a conducive and safe environment.

·      The bargaining unit of DENOSA has become very weak. This unit needs revival, fast.  

·      Access of the pension fund to alleviate poverty among the state employees. 

·      The students to receive the equal uniform allowance as the nurses in full time employment.

·      Students must be moved from bursary system and be put back to the persal system. 



·      Nurses must have a positive attitude and respect.

·      A nurse must be a role model displaying good oral values.

·      Nurses must be compassionate and patient.

·      Nurses must promote patient equality.

·      Nurses must promote utilisation of own service.

·      Nursed must uphold principles of confidentiality and privacy.

·      Nurses must refrain from exposing the patients and patient files on social media. 

·      Nurses must provide quality nursing care.

·      The nurses must look well presentable all the time.

·      The department must supply the nurses with full uniform from top to bottom.

·      The shortage of human and material resources must be addressed.

·      The department must establish the Sick Bays and Wellness Units within institutions.

·      High level of security must be implemented in all health institutions.  

·      The nurses must refrain from carrying out non-nursing duties.

·      The department must employ more clinical and non-clinical staff to improve the medical and nursing care. 

·      DENOSA must be proactive in amending and developing the nursing act and SANC regulations. 

·      SANC offices must be decentralized to improve the services to the nurses. 

·      The department must convene the Provincial Nursing Indaba



·      The Gender Structures must be implemented at all levels as provided by DENOSA Constitution.  

·      DENOSA leadership and positions must show women representation at all levels in DENOSA. The 50/50 gender representation must be implemented at all levels.

·      DENOSA must ensure the implementation of Gender Equity within the organization and workplaces. 

·      Develop a layer of women leadership in order to be effective in their leadership roles.

·      Support the vulnerable groups, the female nurses in general and female students in particular against gender violence. 

·      DENOSA must condemn the abuse and harassment of Sex Workers. 

·      DENOSA must support the recognition of Sex Workers as part of employment. 

·      Condemn the discrimination of homosexual in both society and leadership structures of the organization. 

·      Call for the tightening of security at facilities by the competent security personnel as nurses often fall victims of violence. 

·      The Sexual Harassment Policy at workplace must be implemented.

·      DENOSA as a women dominant organization must champion the campaigns of violence against women and children. 




·      Establish DENOSA International Committee.

·      There must be a dissemination of international relations information to all lower structures of the organization.  

·      Reaffirm DENOSA affiliation to International Council of Nursing (ICN).

·      DENOSA must review its affiliation into other international bodies. 

·      Reaffirm our commitment and support to nursing organisations and associations within SADC region.

·      DENOSA must support the international solidarity campaigns like the ‘Free Palestine’ Campaign by boycotting the Israel products. 

·      The state must tighten the entry at the borders to control diseases i.e. Ebola and other infectious diseases.   

·      Lobby the National Department of Health (NDoH) to run an awareness campaign on infectious diseases targeting the communities at high risk. 

·      Support the Global Green Economy. 

·      DENOSA must be at the centre of critical struggles for global economy, social and health justice for all. 

·      Champion the rights of Health Professionals and workers for quality training, support and good conditions of service in the continent.

·      Transformation of the African Health system to serve all the people in a fair, accessible and equitable manner.

·      The campaign should include effective training of all Health Workers on the identification and treatment of these infectious diseases.

·      DENOSA must champion the programme of Exchange-Students to expose our students into the international trends.