DENOSA saddened to announce the passing of its Head of Bargaining, Organising and Campaigns after a short illness 

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DENOSA Student Movement hosts virtual lecture on Gender-Based Violence in the workplace 

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Dear members of GEMS.


The voice and vote of all 700 000 members of the Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) enjoy 50% vote weight in deciding on who becomes members of the Board of Trustees. Often, workers and trade unions complain that the decisions that the board make are often against the interest of workers.


Often, many members of GEMS do not exercise their right to vote for members of the board at GEMS when voting period is opened. Early indications suggest that this trend of workers not making their voice heard continues because, out of 700 000 members so far, not more than 1670 members had cast their vote by early last week. The voting process is very tedious as if it is designed to discourage the masses of workers from participating in it, but we appeal to workers to be patient and finish it through for their greater good.


The voting for the members of the board of trustees opened on 21 May 2019 and will close on 20 July 2019. omega replica watches


The trade union federation COSATU, at the Joint Mandating Committee (JMC), sponsored three names that workers should vote for during this period, so that they become Board Members of GEMS and represent the interest of workers.


The names are: 


Simphiwe Gada from DENOSA (Vote 6) 

Patrick Makhafane from NEHAWU (Vote 16) 

Lindiwe Motshwane from SADTU (Vote 25)


COSATU is encouraging members of GEMS to vote for these candidates (PLEASE NOTE: A member can vote for at least three different names. Voting for one person more than once, however, disqualifies the ballot and thus your vote becomes a spoiled vote). COSATU has satisfied itself that these candidates will champion the interest of workers. A number of trade unions that organize in the public sector have passed resolutions in their congresses to push for the change of GEMS’ way of operating back to its initial mandate. Voting these candidates in will be one part of working towards fulfilling that mandate. omega replica watches


A total of 37 individuals are standing as candidates to be voted for as board members of GEMS during this period.




There are three (3) vacancies on the Board of Trustees.


Members may vote for up to three (3) candidates of their choice. 


2. There are three (3) voting options to this election. You may use any one of the following options:


a. Option 1: Postal ballot, using the enclosed ballot paper and returning it to the Elexions Agency in the manner prescribed (visit the website for more information –; or

b. Option 2: On-Line voting by means of website voting; or

c. Option 3: USSD voting by dialing *130*471#.

3. You may choose only one of the above options.

4. The first successful ballot (i.e. postal, on-line or USSD) received by The Elexions Agency will be valid. Other attempts to vote will not count. Please study the “Voting Rules, Procedures & Curricular Vitae” booklet for more information.