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DENOSA CALLS FOR COMMENTS ON: Review of the draft "The Discipline of Advanced Practice Nursing - ICN Guidelines" before the 08th of August 2019.

Dear fellow nurses. 

International Council of Nurses (ICN) is inviting comments from National Nursing Associations (NNAs) that are affiliated to ICN on the Review of the draft “The Discipline of Advanced Practice Nursing – ICN Guidelines”. 

As the only NNA that is affiliated to ICN in South Africa, DENOSA hereby invites all nurses to comment on this draft, which is attached on this website. Here is the link to the document: (ATTACH THE LINK).

Comments must be submitted on the website before 8 August 2019. 

The comments on the review must consider the following questions:

  •   - Are the components/positions in the guidance paper clear?
  •    - Does the evidence support our positions?
  •    - Have we ignored any evidence that is important to our position?
  •    - Are there points that we have missed or are there points that we should provide greater emphasis on?
  •    - Is the work credible?
  •    - Are their major implications that we need to consider as part of our positions?
  •    - Does this work progress the nursing profession?
  •    - Are there possible risks to ICN’s reputation? 


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