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Today (17 September 2020) is World Patient Safety Day.

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Labour representatives meet Mpumalanga Premier over safety concerns at Witbank Hospital

Following the another fatal shooting of a patient inside Witbank Hospital in Mpumalanga on Saturday 16 November, Organised Labour registered in the Department of Health and COSATU met with the Honourable Premier on 19 November afternoon In trying to resolve the current crisis of safety in all the Health institutions in the Province.

Following this incident, all workers at Witbank Hospital demanded that their safety and that of patients be assured by the provincial government. This is a second similar incident at the same hospital within a space of five months. 

The organised labour collective as trusted by our members presented the safety and security challenges that are faced by all workers across the province including the current burning crisis at Witbank hospital.

The meeting had progressive resolutions of measures that are to be implemented immediately and those for the long term process.

The Honourable Premier undertook to visit and address the Workers of Witbank Hospital on 20 November 2019 on the plans and resolutions that will make sure that workers are always safe at work.

DENOSA will continue fighting for the safety of nurses in the province until this matter receives the necessary attention it deserves.

DENOSA Mpumalanga