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Today (17 September 2020) is World Patient Safety Day.

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DENOSA embarks on public education campaign to clarify role of nurses as part of International Year of the Nurse and Midwife

5 March 2020


As part of celebrating nurses and promoting the nursing profession this year as it is International Year of the Nurse and Midwife as declared by the World Health Organization, DENOSA is embarking on public education campaign in the country where it explains the role of nurses to communities as a means to unease the fierce tensions that occur in health care facilities between community members and healthcare professionals often due to misconceptions on the roles of nurses in particular.


On many occasions, community members believe many roles in facilities should be performed by nurses and, in times where they have to queue for longer in facilities waiting for assistance in one department or the other, would apportion the blame to the laziness or lack of care of nurses. This has led to many conflicts in facilities, mainly as a result of this misunderstanding. DENOSA will be sharing various roles of nurses with the public through media platforms, as well as plays in taxi ranks and shopping centres throughout the country.   


Other forms of community engagements will include visiting churches and joining community gatherings to hold dialogues about the healthcare that nurses that nurses provide. DENOSA will be collaborating with various stakeholders. 


DENOSA identified the need to explain the role of nurses to communities as a grey area that needs urgent attention to resolve the many conflicts that erupt. Furthermore, the campaign will also be an opportunity for nurses to interact with community and reflect on the areas of behavioural patterns that need modification on their part.