DENOSA recruitment campaign taken to Western Cape 

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DENOSA recruitment in the Karoo 

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DENOSA lead a nurses’ march to Western Cape provincial legislature about poor working conditions 

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By Christine February 

As part of the goal of uniting nurses under the banner of DENOSA and to sharpen their voice in the workplace, the Metropole region of the Western Cape went to the New Mitchells Plain Hospital to recruit members on the 20th of March. This was an historic occasion because it was for the first time that DENOSA recruitment was performed   at the new hospital.

DENOSA delegation was warmly welcomed. It was a hive of activity as we proudly distributed corporate items such as calendars and diaries.

We used this platform to create dialogue   and be of service to our   members .It was a very enlightening experience. The response in turn out and signing up with DENOSA   was overwhelming.  Thank you DENOSA nurses of   New Mitchells Plain Hospital, we shall return!